New Therapist + Exciting Book Recommendations 

“ A flower takes time to bloom, just as a person needs time to heal and grow.”
―Jasmine Panesar 

Happy Spring! We hope that the weather and time change encourages positivity and brings on exciting adventures. We have a couple of exciting announcements this month, followed by some mental health books recommended by us. 


1. We have a new therapist! Meet Zoë Paul MSW, RSW! Zoë provides individual and family therapy at our Guelph location and over phone/video. To learn more about Zoë or book a 15-minute consultation visit our website.

2. We are expanding our Mississauga office! We have two new rooms to help accommodate our increasing demand for in-person therapy in Mississauga

3. We are hiring! Again, to meet our increasing demand for therapy. Look out for more therapists to join our diverse and growing team

To learn more about our locations, or our team of therapists and staff, and how we do therapy, please check out our website! 


If you’re bored and need a new book to read, here are some recommended by our therapists. We hope you will enjoy them too! If you have any personal favourites that you would like to share for our next newsletter, email us! 

If you have any questions, or are interested in booking an individual, couple, or family therapy session, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

The Building Bridges Psychotherapy team