Public Speaking

Why Public Speaking?

Our goals as therapists is to help people live better lives. One way of doing so is by educating. This is why we love public speaking. By mixing engaging storytelling, humor, and the latest research findings, we offer a balance of personable and professional talks on various mental health related talks.


We provide public speaking services for various events and groups.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in having Justin or one of our therapists give a talk for your event!

List of Topics

  • “It’s like we speak a different language”: communication in relationships

  • Enhancing romance and connection

  • Walking the Bridge: Jealousy and Trust

  • Boundaries and Compromises

  • Sex, attraction, and intimacy

  • Growth through fighting: How to have a “good” fight

  • Handling challenging times as a couple

  • Keeping the love strong after having children

  • Gender roles in relationships

  • When cultures clash: Mixed Relationships

  • To Shelter or Foster? Parenting in world with so much influence

  • Understanding your Teen in Today’s World

  • Practical strategies for Challenging Behaviour

  • Emotion Regulation in Children

  • The Most Important Decision? Your Teen’s Future Career

  • The Power of Role Modeling

  • Healthy Boundaries, Promising Future

  • “Is it Okay for my Child to do (X)”?

  • Enriching Family Time through Fun

  • Gender Roles in the Family

  • Culture and Family

  • Mental Health 101: How to tell if someone needs help, and what are the services available?

  • Mental Health First Aid: What do in a Crisis

  • “It’s all in your head”: Myths and Truths about Mental Health

  • Graduate School and Careers in Mental Health: How to get in and what to expect as a student

  • What to expect when seeing a Therapist

  • Stress, Burnout, and Healing

  • Optimism, Hope, and Positivity

  • Knowing when to work it out, and when to separate

  • “Will someone think of the children?” Helping Kids Thrive during and after Divorce

  • Privacy vs. Secrecy: Is there a Difference?

  • What to do after infidelity?

  • “It’s like 50%!” Understanding the Rise (and Decline) of the Divorce Rate in North America

  • Doomed to Fail? Attitudes towards Relationships and Divorce

  • Culture and Divorce: Stigma vs. Normalization

  • The War between Self-Improvement and Self-Care

  • The Most Valuable Investment

  • Meaningful Success in Today’s World

  • Climbing Mountains: Motivation and Procrastination

  • How to Build Trust in Professional Relationships

  • The Easiest Ways to Disarm

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