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We are a diverse team of over 40 licensed therapists with thousands of collective hours of therapy, working with equally diverse clients. All of our therapists are unique in their strengths and styles, yet all share the same values and approaches to therapy. Feel free to book a free consultation with as many of our therapists as you’d like to help you find the right fit.

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Founder of Building Bridges Psychotherapy

I believe that there is good in every person, and hope in every situation. I believe that relationships are the heart of our well-being and mental health concerns. I decided to create Building Bridges Psychotherapy to help people connect with what’s most important to them—family, partners, culture, community, and themselves.

I provide a calm, non-judgmental, and supportive space for my clients to explore deeper emotions and gain insight. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Locations: Mississauga, Guelph, and Phone/Video
Disciplines: Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy
Specialties: Relationships, Divorce, Culture, Divorce, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Parenting, Teens, LGBTQ+, ethically non-monogamous and poly relationships
Languages: English, French, Arabic, and Coptic

Our Staff

Jasmine Panesar

Branding & Design

Hi! I’m Jasmine and I handle all the marketing and social media at Building Bridges! I enjoy creating content and even decorating the offices. I’m also a student at Yorkville University, currently completing my Master’s in Counselling Psychology. I’ve always had a keen interest in mental health and wondered why it wasn’t as valued until recently. Once I become a psychotherapist, I want to make an impact within the South Asian community and offer art therapy. Additionally, I enjoy writing poetry, painting and lifting weights at the gym!

Asma Qaiyum

Administrative Manager​

Hi! My name is Asma and I’m the Administrative Manager. I’m also pursuing my Masters in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. Working at Building Bridges Psychotherapy is very fulfilling because of the great team that we have. Our therapists are extremely dedicated to their clients. As a future psychotherapist, I think they’re great role models!

I’m extremely passionate about mental health awareness and hope to work with youth and adolescents. My other passion is reading; I’m also a book reviewer for most of the major publishing companies in North America.

Malak Sadek

Analytics Specialist

Hey! My name is Malak and I’m an Honours student in Psychology at Western University. I’m in my final year and I’m planning to pursue graduate school and a career in clinical psychology or psychotherapy. I’m extremely passionate about mental health and the well-being of others, and I’m hoping to be able to support and help people with this matter as much as I can. My other passions are arts, writing and cooking. It is a pleasure for me working with Justin and the whole team. Looking forward to doing research for Building Bridges Psychotherapy. I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience and will definitely add great value to my career.

Dadrian Clarke

Office Manager

Hello my name is Dadrian Clarke and I am the Office Manager at Building Bridges Psychotherapy. My duties and responsibilities include providing a comfortable atmosphere for our in-person clients, as well as ensuring that our therapists have everything they need so they can do therapy comfortably and safely in our offices. When I’m not working, I love a good vibe with good music and awesome people. BBQ on the deck is everything!

Sierrah Hamilton

Client Care Specialist

Hello! My name is Sierrah Hamilton and I am the Client Care Specialist with Building Bridges Psychotherapy. My main goal is to foster and maintain positive relationships with our clients and to ensure they are comfortable, satisfied and heard.

I, myself, am an aspiring psychotherapist. I am currently a third year psychology student studying at York University. I am passionate about mental health and recovery, with a special interest in individuals experiencing depression, anxiety and emotional trauma.

Outside of my work and studies, I really enjoy travel adventures, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and hanging out with my kitten.

Tarana Steinke


Hey there! My name is Tarana and I am honoured to be one of the voices answering your phone calls at building bridges! Aspiring to become a psychotherapist, I am currently enrolled in a masters in Counselling Psychology at Western University. I am passionate about mental health accessibility, sex education, and the importance of healthy relationships during adolescent identity development. When I’m not studying or working you may find me on a canoe trip, playing board games, or blending voices with my choral buddies.
Elizabeth Bushara

Elizabeth Bushara

Client Care Specialist

I am a finance manager by day and a client care specialist by night! I love helping others and connecting with people, which is why I always look forward to doing this job. Although I don’t work in the field, I have my BSC in Psychology & Health Sciences from UofT, and I am extremely passionate about learning how our behaviours are developed and affected by things and people around us! Outside of my work, I spend my free time serving my church community, tutoring children and serving low-income families. I strongly believe that we are all here to help each other and never judge others. I’m always happy to learn new things and help others when given the opportunity, and watch a lot of TV when I can!

Salina Rezene, MMASc-GHS, B.Sc.

Animation Producer

My name is Salina Rezene, and I am a digital animator at Building Bridges Psychotherapy. In collaboration with Justin Michel, Founder & CEO of Building Bridges Psychotherapy, I am able to combine my passion for developing animation videos with my interest in mental health to create animated videos that help explain various therapeutic concepts, mental health conditions, and coping strategies. I currently hold a Master’s degree in Global Health and Management as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and a minor in Environmental Sciences. Outside school and work, I love painting and volunteering at my local community center.

Jessica McDonald

Marketing Manager

As a lifelong creative, I am honoured to steer the marketing ship here at Building Bridges Psychotherapy. With a background in psychology, photography, musical theatre, and podcasting, I bring a unique blend of strategic thinking and heartfelt passion for mental health advocacy.

Human connection and therapeutic healing are key themes that led me to start my podcast, Human to Human, back in 2020. I am incredibly excited to harness my skills of hosting, editing, and producing, to showcase the diverse range of therapists we have here at BB therapy. Stay tuned for spring of 2024 as our very own podcast, Mental Health Matchmaker will be launching!

Marena Gileini Fam


Hey there! I’m Marena, one of the admin team members and one of the voices behind the calls and emails! I am an aspiring psychotherapist, currently enrolled in my master’s program! I am interested in working with children, adolescents, and families. I am passionate about mental health, self-care, and helping others reach their full potential. I hope to further help and support others through their journey. I am honoured to be a part of this amazing team at Building Bridges Psychotherapy where I am surrounded by so many amazing therapists and can learn from each of them!

Richie Han


Hello there! My name is Richie and I am an administrator on the Building Bridges Psychotherapy team. I have been practicing psychotherapy for four years in the United States and am preparing for the process to practice in Ontario. I am excited to be working alongside such an amazing team and in connecting them to people seeking support. Outside of my professional life, I am lucky to have a beautiful wife and two pups who can be great depending on the day.

Veronica Benyamin


Hi there! My name is Veronica and I am a fifth-year Specialized Honours Psychology student studying at York University. As an aspiring Psychotherapist, I hope to work with and help romantic couples as I believe that an individual’s well-being and the quality of their interpersonal relationships are interconnected. As such, I am grateful to be part of such an amazing team here at Building Bridges Psychotherapy. Outside of school and clinical work, I enjoy painting, stargazing, singing (though not well), and all the desserts.

Sara Guirguis


Hey everyone, I’m Sara! I have a background in medicine but I’m currently pursuing my Masters in clinical counselling at Tyndale University. I find a sense of purpose and fulfillment in being a safe space for others to speak and share openly so I’m looking forward to the day I start practicing. I’m very excited to be part of the team at Building Bridges and to learn from our amazing therapists!
When I’m not studying or working I like reading, listening to music, watching movies/shows and hiking. I also like to think of myself as a social butterfly so I try to make time for my friends as much as I can.

Rob Soliman

Office Manager

Hi, my name is Rob Soliman. I am proud to be Building Bridges’ Office Manager. My job is to ensure that all of our therapy spaces are both functional and beautiful, as well as conducive to healing.

When I’m not working, I enjoy art, photography, rock climbing, and nature.

I have always been interested in psychology and mental health, so I am honoured to be working alongside Justin and the whole team!

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