Family Therapy

Why family therapy?

Family therapy can be helpful to improve family harmony, communication, parent-child/teen relationships. It also provides much-needed support during a family life transition (e.g., an illness or death in the family, separation/divorce, new addition to the family). It is worth noting that we have spent years studying and working with families undergoing separation and divorce, with particular attention to the cultural stigma associated with divorce and the well-being of children of divorce. As such, we have a strong affinity to working with divorced or divorcing families.


No Stigma

There is absolutely no shame in seeking help for your family. Seeing a therapist does not mean that something is wrong with your family, or that your family is certainly about to fall apart. Rather, it means that you appreciate having a neutral, trained professional help build a safe space for you and your family to share thoughts and feelings, which can potentially help foster vulnerability, connection, love, and ultimately satisfaction among your family.


First sessions are 75 minutes as there is much to cover in terms of background information and assessment. Subsequent sessions are also typically 75 minutes to allow for enough time for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings, and work on the family dynamics. When there is a young child in family therapy, sessions are typically 50 minutes, since the 75 minute session may be too long to maintain attention.


The nice thing about family therapy is that it is very versatile. There is no age limit to clientele, and no limit to how many members can attend (besides room space, of course). Also, family members do not have to be to related by blood or marriage. Some family members we choose, and others we do not. Family therapy can accommodate any group of people that are special to one other (e.g., two parents that have never been married attend with their shared child, a group of friends living together as roommates). We also work with families in which one or more members identify as queer.

Get Started Now!

To book an individual session with us, or if you have any questions about individual therapy, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation that can be scheduled through our online booking system, or you can also book a session online.