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You can easily book online using our online booking portal: bbtherapy.janeapp.com, which is also available on our Booking page. You can choose which therapist you’d like to see, which type of session you’d like, and the system will show you all upcoming appointments available.

We absolutely do. You can use our online booking page to book a free 15-minute phone call with any of our therapists.

Our hourly (50 minutes) rate is $180/hr. This rate includes HST (when seeing a registered psychotherapist). If this rate makes therapy inaccessible for you, please let us know, and we may be able to offer a reduced rate. Our goal is that money is never a barrier to accessing therapy.

Yes, as long as your insurance policy covers “Registered Psychotherapist” (RP) or “Social Workers”. It may also fall under “Psychotherapy”, “Mental Health”, “Counselling”, or even “Marriage Counselling”.

Most clients pay via credit card. If needed, we also accept e-transfer. When you create an account on our booking system, you can also add your credit card in advance to make processing payments smoother.

All therapists are accepting new clients unless otherwise specified.

Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer direct billing, though it is in the works for the future. For the time being, after you pay for your session you will receive your receipt automatically in your email, which you can submit while making a claim with your insurance company. The vast majority of our clients have found this process to be quite simple.

For your first session, it is highly recommended that you book 1.5 hours (75 minutes) as the extra time is needed to go over background information, complete the assessment, and collaboratively create goals. If you are coming for couple or family therapy, it is even more important to have more time in the session as there are more people in the room. After the first session, many clients prefer having the longer session and will choose to continue at that length. However, if for whatever reason you would prefer a one-hour (50 min) session, that is completely fine. You and your therapist can have a beneficial session regardless of the duration. We also offer 2 hour (100 minute) sessions for individual, couple, and family therapy, for those who are interested.

Most clients prefer weekly, though some clients may opt for bi-weekly, monthly, or even more than once a week. It all depends on a few factors, including time, the severity of the issue, the urgency of the issue, the recency of the issue, and of course your budget. Because many clients will start therapy when their concerns are quite severe, most clients will start with a higher frequency of sessions to work on the issues, and then reduce the frequency overtime to maintain the growth. Feel free to discuss this question with your therapist.

Given our highly tailored approach to therapy, there is no “one size fits all” answer to that question. The answer may depend on how deep the client wants to go, as well as how many issues they’d like to work on. It also depends on how much work the client is willing to put into making changes in their life. Also, a single session could be life-changing, and at the same time it can be helpful to go to therapy for the entirety of one’s life. However, most clients report noticing some level of improvement or benefit after around 3-10 sessions.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can do so any time on our booking site, as long as you give us at least 48 hours of notice. If you give us less than 48 hours, we do have to charge for the full amount of the session.

We absolutely do. We have therapists that are passionate about working with teens. Currently, these therapists are Marlen, Zoe, Alia, Jon, Krystina, and Justin. Learn more about our team here.

We absolutely do. We have therapists that are passionate about working with sex-related concerns. Learn more about the types of concerns with which we help.

Absolutely we are. Please check out Our 8 Core Values, as well as our page on Diversity and Commitment to Anti-Oppressive Practice.

We do indeed have some therapists that identify as Christian and have training and experience helping clients within a Christian framework. We also have therapists of other faiths as well. However, most importantly is that all of our therapists are trained and skilled to be able to work with anyone of any faith while offering understanding, compassion, and validation.

With several therapists all trained in a wide variety of approaches, our practice is well equipped to work with almost any mental health concern. For a more thorough list of the types of issues with which we work, check out our areas of focus page.

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To book an individual session with us, or if you have any questions about individual therapy, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation that can be scheduled through our online booking system, or you can also book a session online.