December 2022 Announcements!

“What are three things you are grateful for today?” 
-Jasmine Panesar

Bbtherapy wishes you and your loved ones happy holidays and a happy new year! We have a couple of exciting announcements for you: 


1. Use your insurance for 2022!
With just over a week left, there is still time to use make use of your benefits before 2022 comes to a close! Book online today before time runs out!
On the other hand, we are also taking on new bookings for 2023! So please feel free to book in advance. 

2. Last minute gift? Give the gift of Therapy!
What better way to show your love than to offer something that can be truly life-changing. We now offer the ability to purchase digital Gift Cards! You can easily buy a loved one a digital gift card for therapy at our practice. It’s quite easy, just log in to your Jane account and click on “Gift Cards” at the bottom. For more information, click here for a simple guide.

3. We are launching! 
YES! We are proudly launching a new branch to the practice: Affordable Therapy Ontario (ATO)! Our mission is to make therapy accessible to all, regardless of financial situation. ATO is also a teaching practice, as it is home to our therapist interns completing their practicum. Getting started is easy, interested clients need simply to fill out the form on the website, indicating:

  • their name,
  • contact info,
  • a little about what brings them to therapy,
  • and how much they can afford.

Soon, they will be matched with a therapist who will contact them to begin their therapy journey!

4. We had a bbtherapy holiday event!
Check out our holiday dinner photos and the swag that was given out! We are so grateful for everyone that makes BB the wonderful practice it is. 

5. Don’t forget to follow us on socials!
If you haven’t already, follow our TikTok @bbtherapy, Twitter @bbtherapy_ca and Instagram Check out our other pages as well on Facebook and LinkedIn.

To learn more about our locationsour team of therapists and staff, and how we do therapy, please check out our website! 

If you have any questions or are interested in booking an individual, couple, or family therapy session, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

The Building Bridges Psychotherapy team